“I have a vision of a different way of being, of re-awakening our deeper hidden potential through slowing down and re-engaging with the forgotten self, for this is where authenticity offers us joy, inner abundance and calm, as well as making visible the threads which bind us to each other and to the earth within a tapestry of belonging. And it is within this sense of belonging that we can rediscover the dynamic of how honouring our common humanity gives us back to ourselves.

But when I look around me, I see that we live in a world torn apart by brutality and war, yet held together by the very human forces of empathy and compassion, an age of incredible abundance, but still there is terrible poverty and hunger, not only of need, but also a great poverty of the soul.

I am deeply troubled, and see that this requires change, not only in the world, but also the courage to change within ourselves.

But how does one seek to enable change in a world of such diversity, not only in culture, but also in approach and perception? Surely the only possible route is a deep and relentless search to understand the self, to explore what it means to be human in these modern times, of how we perceive ourselves at the very level of existence, and to then seek the pathways to the decisions we make and the motivations that guide us along the way. Only then can we begin to find our own voice, our own truth, and offer these as a way to begin a conversation about the dynamics of change from the perspective of being human.

Noel’s journey in search of the self has been relentless, giving him a unique and carefully considered voice in approaching the environmental and social challenges of our time.

By merging the ancient soul of Africa with the metaphorical power of sculpture and art, the transparency of words, and the precision of the scientific mind, they offer him a diversity of languages with which to speak, filling and enabling that challenging void between his thoughts and inspirations and the audience, and creating the potential for a single engaging moment to transcend into a shared journey of personal discovery.

In truth, this is the quest of Noel’s creative soul made visible.

His Storylines represent the transformational journeys he has created and presented for over thirty years, drawing on a lifetime of trying to make sense of an often confusing and contradictory world. He is now preparing to launch a new programme which is a culmination of all of his life’s work presented in a powerful and compelling thought-journey.

As a storyteller, I have come to see that the journey of my life cannot be measured by the distance I have travelled, but rather by the questions I have asked along the way, for these have given me the insight to make a choice at each fork in the road.