The Ubuntu Bowl

A vision for a better world

“Whenever I speak to anyone about The Ubuntu Bowl and its message, I find a resonance, an understanding that seems to cut through all the barriers and divisions we have created in our over-complicated lives, and I see how it is a universal language, it is known and felt, it strikes a deep chord and moves people in the process of remembering because it makes our humanity visible. And because of this, it can give us hope.”

Every sculpture holds within it a story, and The Ubuntu Bowl is one of the most powerful that has evolved out of my creative process, and when seen in the context of our wish as individuals to give our lives context and our experience joy and meaning, it is probably the most transformative. It was Archbishop Tutu who inspired this unique journey when, at the launch of my Sacred Ocean sculpture, he spoke of this often forgotten core concept, setting in motion a very personal search that has given this sculpture and its message such relevance in todays difficult world.

My vision for the Ubuntu Bowl can be seen as an invitation to a journey of remembering, for it can awaken our deeper humanity and bring it back into the everyday, and of one thing I am certain, that it will change our lives, as well as forever transform our relationship with the earth.