Storylines in search of ourselves

For thousands of years, by the light of the fire and under a full golden moon the storytellers of Africa have brought people together in a time of sharing and remembering, taking us on journeys to the tiny pinpoints of light that make up the stars of the Milky Way, or travelling with the winds that blow across the landscapes of our lives, journeys that remind us of that space of calm silence within each of us, a place of quiet knowing and wisdom, and a pathway towards fullness and a deeper sense of being.

As a storyteller, it is through the alchemy of shared experience that I bring together what I have learned, been given direction by the mind of the seeker and the heart of the poet, to a place where the call of the jackal still speaks and the flow of the river offers sanctuary in a bustling world, for they all lead to a place deep within ourselves.

“I sense there is nothing more important than the course of a life which directs you to engage with your authentic inner self, for, from it comes the opportunity to know what it is that awakens you in the morning and navigates your actions throughout the day, it is the path to relationships that are nurturing of your individuality and honouring of you as a person, and it is the way to fulfillment that carries with it a sense of peace and happiness when the course is aligned with your deepest values.

And as you encounter the self, your eyes open to the inter-dependance of all life, offering a richness of existence when you realise that these threads of connection bind you to the world in a tapestry of belonging.

For then we shall remember the call of an owl across the depth of the night, the rich smell of rain upon patched earth, and the feeling of coming home to ourselves in a world in which we belong.