The Storylines Newsletter

For thousands of years the storytellers of Africa brought people together in a time of sharing, and by the light of the fire under a rising full moon they were guided by stories along sacred journeys of remembering. Now Noel follows this ancient tradition, with The Storylines Newsletter offering people around the world an opportunity to share in his stories, and learn of his legacy programmes and events.

By combining his Storyline narratives with evocative artworks, engaging photographs, the insights of the seeker and the nuances of the poet, he guides us along the trails that cross the landscapes of our lives, offering new perspectives on how we see ourselves within the dynamic of change. This unique journey also offers a powerful approach in seeking solutions as individuals and as nations to our environmental and social challenges.

“Your journey was fascinating, your artwork stunning and your talk powerful. What I love about you is you don’t preach, you just talk from the heart.”

Michaela Strachan, Wildlife Television Presenter